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Etsy! is a well known website in the world of vintage junkies. “Etsy caters to many styles of vintage for reasonable prices, you don’t have to give up an arm and a leg to get what you’re looking for,” West LA College child development sophomore Alize Ostalaza said.  Etsy caters to other styles, like modern … Continue reading

Forever 21 !

Forever 21 is by far my favorite store to shop at besides thrift stores. This store has a great selection of clothes that satisfies many different styles; from vintage to modern day simple and cute. This weekend they had a 50 percent of any item that has already been marked down sale. When I found … Continue reading

Vintage Jewelry & Me

Vintage jewelry has become one of my greatest fascinations in life, specifically clip-on earrings. I remember when I first started wearing clip-on vintage earrings, I was in my sophomore year of high school. My friends didn’t think “grandma” jewelry was cool then. It never got to me because I knew I found something special that I … Continue reading